Youtubers smut/lemon

Youtubers smut/lemon

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Kayla Horne By tomboyzrulez Updated Mar 07

You were on your way to Jack's house because he called you to record some games with him.You had a huge crush on him ever since college and couldn't wait to get over there. 

Time skip! 

"Hi Jack!" You said as you walk in. "Hi (YN)!" He replied. "So what games are we going to record today." You asked. "Well I was thinking some happy wheels and mortal kombat x." "Cool!" 

"FUCKA YOU BILLY!" He shouts. You giggle at how mad he sounds. "Hey, why you laugh at me." He fake pouts. 
"If you liked this video punch that like button in the face like a boss! and high fives all round✋✋wapish, wapish . Thank you guys and I will see you in the next videoooooo!" Outro music plays. "Well that was one hell of a video." He says. This is your chance, (YN), tell him the truth "Hey,Jack." "Yesh" he says. "I......I need to tell you something " "what is it." Come on (YN) tell him! " ok,I had a huge crush on you ever since college." you blushed a light pink. He sat there silent. Stupid move (YN) you think to...

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