The FNaF Lemon Book (Slow Updates)

The FNaF Lemon Book (Slow Updates)

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Toy_Bonnie_FNaF2 By Toy_Bonnie_FNaF2 Updated Nov 02, 2015

Introduction: Hello everyone it's me Toy_Bonnie_FNaF2 ,but you may call me Steven or Goldie. So I read a lot of lemon books and there are so many good ones that I decided I would do my own book too. It will be so much fun because I can't be scarred by it because of InsanityIsGlory. Heh. Anyways that's it for the intro now down to requests info

Request Information:
If you wanna be in the story you must put the request in any request chapter that I post except if it is the request closed chapters.
If you wanna be in it fill out the following:
Animatronics(if you want more than one).
If you want a epilogue to it.(to show if you or the animatronic is pregnant).
Human form or Animatronic form.
Gender of your character and Gender of the animatronic.
I will need details of your character.

That's all left so send some request, read, and bask in glory of your chapter(s) 

LizzieTheDoggo LizzieTheDoggo Jun 30, 2016
                              Axolotl-human hybrid
                              Spring trap
                              No epilogue 
                              Human form
                              Lotus: Female
                              Spring: Male
                              On my account, I have a book on Lotus. But when going for details use the last photo because those are her definite proportions.
TheDarkFireStar TheDarkFireStar Jun 10, 2016
Shadow Bonnie
                              Shabby Bun Bun
                              Shadow Freddy
                              Male and Male
                              You should know what I look like...
mysticmemess mysticmemess Oct 14, 2016
                              Human form 
                              Midnight: female
                              Freddy: male
                              16 yrs old, brown wavy hair down to waist, with a purple streak, 63kgs 6'0
Shiftshooter25 Shiftshooter25 Jul 07, 2016
                              Dan (Dan-ye)
                              Animatronic Form
                              Danielle: Female 
                              Bonnie: Male
                              21 years old, black hair, green eyes, 167 pounds, 5"7.
MelonieTorillo MelonieTorillo a day ago
                              Hannah banana
                              Me female Bonnie male
                              In the office Bonnie found me. About myself: Plaid skirt, purple shirt, glasses, short, brown hair. Personality: emotional, cute, and smart.
CrystalClear76 CrystalClear76 Sep 19, 2016
                              Human form
                              Emma: female
                              Foxy: male
                              17 years old, Blonde wavy hair, emerald green eyes, 68 pounds, 5' 8"