In Tune

In Tune

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This book isn't one of my best ones. If you want to read it, be my guest. But I can assure you my writing has certainly improved since this one was published. Please, enjoy!

A Christian Romance Novel: 

Sometimes, you need light in your world of darkness. People will say it's a friend or lover, but that's not the case. After all I have gone through, I want for God to be the light in my life. He will no longer let me sit in a world of darkness. I will be released from my dark prision, and I will step foot into the light, because that is where God is.


Willow Andrews: musician, kind-hearted, friend to all, and above all else, a Christian

Hunter Morris: bad boy fascade, broken but won't show it, and lost from God

When Hunter gets in trouble at school, he winds up needing to pair up with Willow to help them both out with their troubles. The clock counts down to the final moment of a choir concert, and hearts are put on the line.

A possesive boyfriend, a crazy ex-girlfriend, and a gaurdian angel all find their way into Hunter's life. With him being a lost soul, straying from the path of God, it's up to Willow to help him find a way to get back in tune with the Lord, or else his soul might be lost forever.

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