The Other Side (Book 1)

The Other Side (Book 1)

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Casey in the MM.
Casey POV

"Case, girl, you need to get out more. Cause...damn." My best friend said to me as she watched me, hunched over my books. Her name is Mya, but I call her My. 

I looked at her a slightly rolled my eyes. "Well geez My. My fault, but failing this damn class isn't exactly an option right now."

I'm closing out my first year of Law School at Columbia, and it's kicking my ass. I'm studying to be a civil rights attorney but it's harder than I thought.

"When's the last time you fucked?" She asked. "Cause I'm damn sure that 'Street Law: A Course In Practical Law' isn't doing the trick." She said, reading the cover of one of my textbooks.

"For your information, I had a guy over yesterday." I replied.

"Bitch.." She said letting out a chuckle. "You ain't gotta lie to me now. But, I know one thing, you're getting out of this damn apartment. Go get dressed. We got plans."

I sighed. "What plans?" I asked, closing my books and tossing my highlighter. 

"Plans! Don't...

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ch1llblackgurl ch1llblackgurl Jul 06, 2017
Bitch....I know you mutha fuckin lyin, tf is wrong wit you?😢😭
augmythugangel7 augmythugangel7 Jun 09, 2017
This is more than a curve!!lol,He don't have anymore spare ego
Misstwethick Misstwethick Aug 29, 2017
Bruh i would beat my friend ass fa givin out my number cute guys serial killers nowadays
yunginjasmine yunginjasmine Jun 27, 2017
my nigga you riding a bike or something cause dont no car have just one seat 😂😂😂💀
augmythugangel7 augmythugangel7 Jun 09, 2017
Lmao,did she just say Gel??....... Ego down..I repeat, ego down..   Lol
Uniquely_Queenly Uniquely_Queenly Nov 07, 2016
That's where I wanna go for law school either there or yale but first I wanna go to Spelman