I Can't Believe The Bad Boy is Tutoring Me

I Can't Believe The Bad Boy is Tutoring Me

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Tori Anderson is the typical shy, nerdy seventeen year old.  After her parents died, she's been living in a foster home with her foster mom and the other foster kids. Tori's had dyslexia for as long as she can remember and she hates it more than anything. She likes to keep her mouth shut and stay in the background. That's how she likes it; nothing more, nothing less.

Connor Evans is a hot-tempered, care-free, reckless, eighteen year old bad boy. He couldn't care less about the people around him or what they think about him. He gets along with life by smoking, drinking, and partying. But one thing he is not so proud about is that he's one of the smartest kids in the senior class. I mean, how could a reckless bad boy like him get good grades? 

But Tori's dyslexia becomes a problem, and she's told that she can't graduate until she gets her grades up. What other choice did she have? She had to be tutored by the horrible Connor Evans...let's see where this goes.

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KFC139 KFC139 3 days ago
That is so expensive, I like the $5 pizzas here in New Zealand.
I would've pinned 'em down and beat the hell out of them😂
Love this story so much, I'm currently writing a FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI story and I'm inspired. Please check it out. #badboy
arli_wolfacorn arli_wolfacorn Dec 08, 2016
Am I the only one who thought of the lord of the rings and the hobbit?
MidnightSakura115 MidnightSakura115 Jul 01, 2016
Im glade some ppl just act like its the end of the world or something this is good to treat everyone like family 😊😊
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I can...eat 5 hamburgers under two minutes.
                              Will you let me join?