fnaf one shots & lemond

fnaf one shots & lemond

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umbreonxpurpleguy By umbreonxpurpleguy Updated Jul 29, 2015

Y/n's pov

I yawn as I look at the ipod screen for like hours...., I noticed bonnie come to the door , meh 

I boardly kicked the wall making the office chair role back , wooosh

"Here comes y/n ....weeeeeee" the chair hit the wall making me go a bit foward 

I then looked at the two buttons on the wall , I pushed the door button and the iron door closed

Bonnie slowly glared at me while banging at the door , I just shrug and looked at the ipod while rolling back to my office desk 

Then I heard another footsteps on the other door 

I turned the office chair around towards the door  and used my shoe to push the door button again Making it close 

"G-gooood daaaammmmmmiiiiiit y/nnnnnnn!"

Chico said slowy at his robot voice,I only roled my eyes and looked at the screen again 

5% and I'm verly at 2:00 am ....oh well , I sighted and putted my headphones on and played (f/music) 

I sighted as the power goes out 

"If your gonna kill me  , I wanna say my last words" I said and faced the on...

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  • vincent
FriskDreemurr1703 FriskDreemurr1703 Dec 21, 2017
curiosty_vixalela curiosty_vixalela Jun 27, 2017
The beginning is legit me, just fuk  (yes I spelled it that way) it me. ^-^
GoldenShady GoldenShady Nov 27, 2018
Me: *Takes shirt off and puts on my spare hoodie * later losers!
GoldenShady GoldenShady Nov 27, 2018
"miss wanna die/her Las words/another empty bottle/ empty/o.d.d/how do you love