Forgotten Treasure (Under Editing)

Forgotten Treasure (Under Editing)

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"Why are you so good at walking away?"

I'm good at walking away... because rejection teaches you how to reject.

"Why are you alone?" 

Because that way nobody can hurt you.

"Why don't you talk to me, Amaterasu?"  He sighed. 

Wouldn't you do the same if the people you love hurt you? I mean come on "Onii-sama". It's better to stay quiet because if your love wasn't enough...Do you think your words will matter?


The tale of a Goddess being reborn onto the earth was a myth long forgotten by the new generations. Similar to how humans believe vampires are all but a myth. 

The myth once said that there will come a day when humans and vampires will roam the earth together. In order for these two unlikely worlds to coexist, there must be a being to help balance life on earth. As far as the myth went, it was said that a young girl will be born, onto either side in the far future. She will face negative obstacles and her hair will change from it's original color to a snow white and her eyes will be that of a beautiful sapphire's color. As she changes her memories of being a Goddess will unlock and she will remember her goal. Once accomplished she will die and return back to her home in the clouds.

  • betrayal
  • goddess
  • hate
  • heaven
  • hell
  • love
  • thrill
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