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Forgotten Treasure (Under Editing)

Forgotten Treasure (Under Editing)

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Nøřmæł pəopłə §çæŕĕ mə By LadyJoker_Jesters Updated Jan 18

All I ever wanted was their love..was that too much to ask for?  Of course it is, vampires are cruel , merciless beings, well some. I really should start my chores. Alice Rose Kuran the second child of the kurans born on a blood moon, Alice was the kuran's light until Yuki was born, when yuki was born everyone, but the servants of the Kurans forgot about her. Poor, poor, Alice a child who only yearns for love, was neglected by her own family. I wonder why?
Alice Kuran, a rare type of vampire. One that has many powers, she can make people's greatest fantasies come to life... Or... Their worst nightmares. Alice was originally  a goddess who was born into a vampire body in order to bring peace upon humans and vampires.Se is  Something...that no one can kill. The only time she will die is if her goal for peace is reached. If not...well that's something you shouldn't be worrying about on to know more. 
Disclaimer: I don't own vampire Knight or black butler. I only own my Oc Alice
Hey LJ here I hope you all enjoy my story..oh If you guys see this story somewhere else please tell me thank you~

MidNight_77 MidNight_77 Apr 15
Am I the only one that doesn't know who Sebastian or ash is? It's seems to me that a lot of ppl like them
n1ght_dr34m3r n1ght_dr34m3r Jun 28, 2016
YESSS! Sabastian!!!! Omfg! I died and have been reborn. Damn. And he's a mate. Omg!!! Ahhhhh
artemisandkaname artemisandkaname Jul 03, 2016
It said that she has six mates. There are two in front of her and Sebas-chan just said that the other three will be coming. So does that mean that there is five?
cheafiregod cheafiregod Jan 07
Oh my gosh. Black butler and Vampire knight I am dead! Whose coming next..? William, Grell.... urrhhhh IM MENTALLY DEAD!
alyssa13069 alyssa13069 Jan 04
Omg I was like are you f*cking kidding me when I saw this I was laughing so hard
TheLost_One TheLost_One Dec 25, 2016
I laughed so harrd when i saw this my parents came in with a baseball bat and a knife thinking that their was a madman in the room