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Winning The Kings Heart

Winning The Kings Heart

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defreitasgirl By defreitasgirl Completed

Winning the heart of the young king of Rome, to form an alliance is the least of Megara Anthos's problems...... Till she is "betrothed" him......
Note: it starts as her dairy but it's only for like two paragraphs.

IReadWattYouWatt IReadWattYouWatt Apr 18, 2016
During certain time periods in Greece women used the girdle of Venus (as described by the poet Homer). At certain points in Greek history it began in  infancy or early childhood. Depending on when this is set it could be accurate other than the word choices.
RoseArmy96 RoseArmy96 Mar 26, 2016
Still she shouldn't be complaining. I mean other girls back then were married off to men 3 times their age. Most of them were only like 12.
StarfishBooks StarfishBooks Apr 13, 2016
Manly bodies were also preferred as women were considered imperfect versions of men.
RoseArmy96 RoseArmy96 Mar 26, 2016
I don't think the people of Athens called there parties or celebrations a "ball"
                                You might be thinking of Victorian England.
starelena2011 starelena2011 Apr 17, 2016
I completely agree with you and also Rome didn't even have a king there was an emperor
RoseArmy96 RoseArmy96 Mar 26, 2016
I still can't believe that people used to do that to woman back then!!!