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pookie129 By pookie129 Updated May 30

Trinity POV 

"Wait Tavis dont you think we to young to keep this up "I told my boyfriend Travis

"Not like you gonna get pregnant . You know we did this plenty of times so why you tripping . The only thing that is changed is that we not doing it with a condom . Just chill"

My name is Trinity , I'm 14 and Spanish mixed with Indian . I live with my mom Traci and is the only child . I'm my grandma favorite of course cause I'm the only on . I don't know where my dad is but I don't care . Sometimes my mom is very anger with me and we can get into fights physically . I mean throwing all hands . That's why sometimes I just run away to my grandma house and stay about a week .

Its summer so im not in school but next school year I will be in highschool going to Jackson in Miami . 


"Waitt I'm botta cum"he said pulling out 

That was close

Im not understanding how she 14 and driving u might as well change their ages