The Man From Her Dreams ☾  Doctor Who Fanfiction

The Man From Her Dreams ☾ Doctor Who Fanfiction

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'Who am I?' 
That's the question Lizzie asks herself every day.

Elisabeth Smith was 5 when she was found, with no memories of what happened before she ended in that alley, in London. She was an orphan. She started a 'normal' life in an orphanage, but it's never that normal when it has to do with her. Kids don't like her and she soon becomes an outcast. All because of these stupid and weird, though beautiful dreams. Dreams about Daleks, Cyberman and a man in a box. But are these dreams true? Is the Doctor, the mad man from her dreams, real? That's what she thinks until she meets him. But then he leaves. Only to show up years later in her orphanage in the middle of the night. After finding out about her dreams, he promises her to come back, but will he really? 

And, if he does, will Lizzie finally have her questions answered? About who she is, who are her parents and why did they abandon her? Will she find this out while traveling and meeting people and aliens, friends of the Doctor and even himself from the past? And mainly, what if she falls in love with the hero of her childhood, the man from her dreams?

She has to figure this all out as quickly as she can. She doesn't have much time left and, with every second that passes, the end gets closer and closer... 



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And calling.... Fangirls, kias and everyone who saw it coming!
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"...War with the big metallic paper shakers..." did you mean pepper? Anyways, this is amazing. I laughed so hard.
@Tardis_Timey_Stuff  but if you look at it closer you can see 
This might be the best way I've ever seen sales described as. And I've read this twice.
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