Going Out(boyxboy)

Going Out(boyxboy)

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Erin. Most of the time. By JustErinForNow Updated Aug 15

"Where are you going?" Is what Ethan Donovan's neighbor asked him the night that he randomly ran out of his house in a fury.

  "I'm running away," was Ethan's response.

  "Okay. I'm coming with you."


  Ethan was done. He was sick of his parent's thinking he was an angel. He was sick of his brother and sister saying he would never be anything else but a perfect, little, goodie-two-shoes. What other choice did he have but to runaway with his neighbor that he barely knows?

Seafoam13 Seafoam13 Oct 24, 2016
Wait people actually return pencils?!
                              He needs to be my friend like rn
JesikaJesika JesikaJesika Nov 01, 2016
Doesn't that.... Defeat.... The whole purpose of .... Running away......
mynameispassword mynameispassword Dec 28, 2016
Hes literally a 7 year old
                              Who tells their mum and dad that they're going to run away and better yet tell them when they're getting back 
Ginjerk Ginjerk Nov 25, 2016
You could run away with me, anytime you want... turu tiru tiru
JustErinForNow JustErinForNow Jun 14, 2015
@ShaniaMarie7 well of course. What's better than that? ;) jk, I have no idea where this story is going yet. They may end up having sex at the top of the empire state building for all I know. *shrug*