The Princess of the Celestial Realm

The Princess of the Celestial Realm

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(On hold and going thru some major editing.)

This is not the usual story of Lisanna comes back, Lucy gets kicked out of team Natsu and called weak. 

Lisanna comes back and her and Lucy become the best of friends. Lisanna joins team Natsu with everyone. They go on a mission that ask to solve a mystery about a bronze celestial key of the dragon Draco. After coming back Lucy was heading home feeling like she was being followed. She runs home clinging tightly to her keys. When she gets home she finds someone in her bedroom... 

What was the mystery of the bronze celestial key? 
Who was in Lucy's room? 
Read the story to find out.

FYI This is my first story hope you like it. And I do not own fairy tail.

I have added a summary of what Fairy Tail is so for all those people who don't know what it is could understand a bit more of what is going on in the story.

Acknowledgement that I do not own fairy tail. I'm just a huge fan.

Ughhhhhh,i even got my hopes up that zeref and natsu are brothers here....
So many people need to do this for any fanfic like it would help alot
NixiReading NixiReading Jul 09
I know the story- but only to a certain extent so this is really useful ^^
NixiReading NixiReading May 13
Also Hiro Mashima officially stated that Natsu's and Lucy's child would be named Nashi
Thank you all for the amazing comments. I really appreciate you all so much. FYI my friends are still losers and haven't read this yet.:(>
Omg! I love (friendly way) u so much right now! Most would just make a book and people who don't know about the anime just forget the book! But omg ur op ur awesome! Ur amazing thank u so much! 😄