"Daddy, Save Me"

"Daddy, Save Me"

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Leelee By daddyslittleharlot Updated Aug 22, 2015

I'm laying on the bathroom floor, the cool tile against my face providing my only comfort. My body shakes and a shiver runs down my spine. How did I end up here? 

My teeth are chattering, my body mimicking the reactions of experiencing a deep winter but instead I am covered in sweat. With great effort, I peel off my shirt and lay my weak body back on the floor. 

A groan escapes from my stomach and I try to recall my last meal. It seems so far away, any memory of the food digested long forgotten. I can't even remember what food tastes like. My mouth is so dry. 

I begin wondering what time it is, even the date. The days have blurred into one, I do not know when was the last time I slept. 

I feel miserable, deciding death would be better than this. Anything would be better than this. The soaring feeling I experienced hours before has vanished, my energy and happiness along with it. 

I want to call someone. I need a distraction but my phone feels light years away and I do not imagine ...

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Drugs may make you not feel bad but the downfall feels worse.