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Resisting the Alpha

Resisting the Alpha

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Alex By PlasticEyes Updated Jul 14, 2016

Imagine hating the most popular guy ever since high school began. Then imagine one day waking up next to him and finding out you're a werewolf and the next Luna of the pack.  Scarlett Bane is considered one of the weird kids at her school and she is pretty content with the way life is going on for her. But everything in her world turned upside down on her 18th birthday. She finds out she is a werewolf and on top of that  that she is mates with Josh Ashford the gorgeous popular player at her school. The mere thought of being with him gets her repulsed and she tries to push him away. But how can you push someone that you are destined to be with?  Josh Ashford fell in love with Scarlett Bane the moment he found out they were mates. He never expected to find out that his own mate hates him with a passion. He begins to try to make her fall for him and accept that they are meant to be together. But it seems as life is going against him because his mate hates him, and he has to prepare to be the future Alpha of the Half-Moon pack and defend them against their main enemy the Full-Moon pack.  A rivalry that dates back a century between these two packs begins a feeling of war coming. No one knows when but one day there will be a war that puts these two packs to the test and only one winner will reign and destroy the other pack.   All rights reserved.

jontylove jontylove Jun 23, 2016
Running through everything bad you did in the past month trying to figure out what you did this time.
MsFili MsFili Jul 15, 2014
Don't you make disgusted faces at fangirls! We try to be normal! I swear *cough* no we don't *cough*
PlasticEyes PlasticEyes Jun 14, 2013
@KingCharlotte14 so true haha. Well in Scarletts case her parents wanted her to live a "normal life" as a kid without the stresses of being a wolf. I would tell my kid from the beginning thought haba like "you're a werewolf and that's awesome!" :P
KingCharlotte KingCharlotte Jun 13, 2013
One thing I don't understand about how parents in books don't tell their kids that they're werewolves. If they're werewolves, they should introduce the werewolf life as the kid's growing up. No need to keep it a secret!! But yeah anyways good story (:
PlasticEyes PlasticEyes Apr 09, 2013
@pseudo_angel ill be sure to edit that when I have time. I always had problems with dose and does. haha
pseudo_angel pseudo_angel Mar 24, 2013
I like this idea and the story and first off: SCARLETT IS AWESOME! Please proofread as there are some errors like "dose" instead of does, but totally awesome story