My Life, My Choice, My Prison~A hit man story~BxB

My Life, My Choice, My Prison~A hit man story~BxB

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Brody Rosewood was on his way, he was going to become a criminal lawyer.

He wanted to make his dads proud of him, but what happens when something bad happens to him?

What happens when the law can't do anything to help him?

He was the happy go lucky, loving life kind of kid, but on that terrible night he changed, his attitude became the one of an asshole no bullshitting kind of guy, now he avoids vising his parents, brother and sister. He dropped out of college and now is freelancing at the worst possible job out there, deciding to take the law into his own hands, he became everyone's worst nightmare, can someone help Brody or is he lost in that web of anger forever?

When he's due for a visit to his family after 5 long years of him being away, he finds something that he's not sure he wants to keep it.

RazorRuse RazorRuse Mar 05, 2016
Hired help? My mind Instantly went naughty but then I remembered the description so I'm guessing assassin?
JohnerZulueta JohnerZulueta Apr 15, 2016
Cliché it may sound, but this statement never fail for me to agree 💯%
I doubt this would ever happen, "boys will be boys" doesn't apply to this situation at all
WhoAmI614 WhoAmI614 Mar 02, 2016
Whenever I see ADA, I instantly think of Law and Order. Specifically Law and Order SVU, that's my show!
JohnerZulueta JohnerZulueta Apr 15, 2016
Was there any story that came in first before this one? Im kinda curious now...
- - Jan 12, 2016
Ya know... Just here casually carrying a gun around in case someone makes a wrong move... Totally normal