A Selfie to Die For

A Selfie to Die For

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Alex Gedgaudas By Alycat1901 Completed

After a string of grisly murders are committed against young women, it leads different police departments around Texas to realize that the murdered girls share the same terrifying trait  in common. Every girl is was an avid lover of selfies.

Strangely, all the murdered girls before passing can also relate by having met a suave, handsome young man shortly before their deaths. 
There's not a face to put to the multiple names the mysterious man has given the girls.
To police, he's known as Prince Charming, the Stalker of selfies, the Selfie Slasher.......The mysterious killer has too many names given to him by the public. Whoever the mystery guy is,  he finds his victims on Perfect Match.com by stalking their profiles.

For eighteen year old Emily Daz, she was just hoping signing up for a silly dating website would help her snag a date to prom. She finds what she feels is the perfect guy, but looks can be deceiving, not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.
Little does Emily realize, you have to be careful what you put online. Sometimes it can be seen by anyone, even a homicidal selfie stalker.

Cover made by Hailtothebutt


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Khaleesi-Of-Trolls Khaleesi-Of-Trolls 17 hours ago
Well that probably explains why she was able to have such an expensive apartment, but how could she afford an expensive place to live and not have enough to have good Internet?
flowergirl2807 flowergirl2807 Oct 30, 2017
Well. I may or may not have an Instagram account where I take on selfie every day and post it.. I think I might delete it now..
The movie that truly scared me as a kid was 'Motel Hell' its based on Edward Gein. He was a very messed up individual!
syedafatima3382 syedafatima3382 Apr 16, 2016
I won't take my selfies anymore, I'll be your sweet perfect girl if you just tell me who you are o-o xD
ObsidianCrossbow17 ObsidianCrossbow17 Mar 14, 2016
As soon as she started raving about selfies, cleavage, and The One-
                              -_- wow, so clueless
syedafatima3382 syedafatima3382 Apr 16, 2016
God! That selfie *dies laughing* 
                              Girl's pouted face is just so....... funny o-o xD