The Found Wolf (boyxboy)

The Found Wolf (boyxboy)

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twluvrrrr133 By twluvrrrr133 Updated Jan 24

Sequel to The Lost Wolf

Connor Knight doesn't remember a thing. Nothing besides his name. He woke up in a cave in the woods with a little boy named Emery who told him they were werewolves, they were being hunted and they needed to find a pack quickly for protection. After that things are spun out of control. He is rumored with his so called family, brought back to his supposed home, and now can't seem to get the depressed boy trying to avoid him out of his head. 

Jacob has never forgiven himself for what happened and he's been depressed ever since. But when Connor comes back, what should he do? He wants to run to him and beg him for forgiveness but he can't because Connor doesn't remember a thing! Add in the fact that they are mates and it just becomes a mess that Jacob just doesn't know how to handle.

Lyaana_02 Lyaana_02 Oct 01, 2016
                              I don't even know what to say..... seriously....
                              *shakes head and tries to stop reading but goes on anyway*
Daddy-Oreo Daddy-Oreo Jan 17, 2016
😭 CONNOR HAS AMNESIA!!! its like the Maze Runner all over again😭
PotterFanRosalinda PotterFanRosalinda Dec 14, 2015
Wait, he was seven then, 10 years had part so he's 17, but somewhere you put he's 10? Unless I'm getting this hugely mixed up, lol. Xx
PotterFanRosalinda PotterFanRosalinda Dec 14, 2015
Nevermind I understand now. 10 years has parts so he's, 16 now???? No can't be right can it?! Xx
PotterFanRosalinda PotterFanRosalinda Dec 14, 2015
Yea. Don't mind me, just sobbing on my bed under the covers while reading this, this is brilliant. Xx
PotterFanRosalinda PotterFanRosalinda Dec 14, 2015
Ohs I though Conner was younger than Emery, because he was I believe 6 when he got kidnapped? If my calculations are correct, but I don't know how many days, weeks, months or years has past since he was kidnapped. Xx