~Dream Your Nightmares~ --A Larry Stylinson AU--

~Dream Your Nightmares~ --A Larry Stylinson AU--

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Louis Tomlinson was raised in a Christian house. He believed in god but he didn't believe the church's teachings. He longed to express himself but his mother was strict to her Christian ways. Louis was gay but he kept it a secret along with the way he wanted to live. Whenever his mother got mad she would hit him then claim, 'I would never abuse you, abuse is a sin. I do what I do to you as diciplin' He just wants to be free. He thought he was trapped until one day when Harry shows up at the bakery he works at.

Harry Styles is your typical punk. Screamo music, piercings, tattoos, spikes and chains, eyeliner. He was hated by the town for being different and openly gay. No one ever got to know the real him because in truth he was the sweetest boy ever and was truly caring. When he meets the struggling Louis Tomlinson he can't help but feel intrigued by the older boy.

*Sorry I suck at these, just read the story to find out hopefully it will be better than this. This story will have swearing, self-harm, and boyxboy. If any of these bother you please don't read. Also if your last name is Tomlinson or Styles or you know someones who is, I highly suggest you don't read this story.*

2Larry_Stylinson2 2Larry_Stylinson2 Apr 21, 2017
I would honestly run around in pride shirts if I was in this town.. just to piss people off
darcytommostyles darcytommostyles Apr 27, 2017
Honey, nothing bothers me as long as you promise there is a smut. And by smut i mean,harry tops smuts
JordiRiley JordiRiley Feb 19
Coming back to this story today and seeing my comment. I cut right before I wrote that. 
                              Now it's a year later and I haven't cut since December of 2017.
                              Hoping not to ever do it again!
juliaec13 juliaec13 Apr 17, 2017
It always makes me sad when people cut because I don't understand why they do it and how they can go through the pain because I start crying if I get a paper cut
MyJamsAreInfires MyJamsAreInfires Aug 05, 2016
lol at the end of your description it says 
                              "if you're last name is Tomlinson or styles, or you know someone who's is, then don't read this"
                              but we all know Harry and Louis, so nobody can read this then?? XD
JordiRiley JordiRiley Jan 19, 2017
Am I the only person who doesn't clean/wrap my cuts. I never have. I just don't care enough. Does anyone else not do that