Tell  It To The Crows(a Sons of Anarchy)

Tell It To The Crows(a Sons of Anarchy)

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Cassie By UnstableWinchester Updated Oct 30

Libby Parker is running from her past. Granted, she's only seventeen ( almost eighteen)  While she's running, she runs smack dab right into Charming,California. That's where Gemma finds her at. Gemma takes the poor girl in and shows her around. Jax doesn't to babysit some crybaby teen. But what Gemma says, is law to Jax. And he doesn't like arguing with her either. Libby is just another girl too, or so she thinks. Its hard to refrain from clutching the girl and kissing her senseless, but Jax can't afford to go to jail for statory rape. Find out what happens, in Tell It To The Crows. BTW, Jax is about twenty five in this story, just saying.

kennananana kennananana Jun 16, 2015
I didn't even know there were fanfictions about this.... laughing so hard.