Second Generation

Second Generation

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TVYFENTY By qveen54 Updated Jul 24, 2017

If not, read the trilogy before reading this book. 

Zarmell (Mell) POV 

"Man what is your sister doing ?", I asked Josiah.

He shrugged, "This ain't shit compared to the first day."

"Josiah did you just curse ?", I heard Aunt Chey ask.

"Men curse Chey.", Uncle Chris said.

"He's not a man !"

See, I'm just going to go upstairs and see what this girl is doing.

I walked upstairs and towards her room to see what would be taking her so long.

I stood outside her door and knocked.

"Come in."

"Are you dressed ?"

"I wouldn't tell you to come in, would I ?"

I kissed my teeth and walked inside her room, "What's taking you so long? You painting your whole face ?"


I heard her making noise in her closet and I sat down on the bed.

"You know we only have twenty minutes to get to school right ?"

She didn't say anything so I walked towards her closet to find her sitting on the floor, "Shai what the hell ?"

She threw one of her heels across the room, "I can't find my other foot a...

DaNylaaa DaNylaaa Jul 21, 2016
Bruh She A Lil Ass Kid , And Its Just A Book , Just Picture Her As Somebody Else , Damn
MiixeddBeautyy MiixeddBeautyy Jun 15, 2016
Boy, you better listen to your homies.......I got the feeling somebody gonna say I told you so.
YourFavv_ YourFavv_ Apr 07, 2016
She ugly that gap and her nose threw her off she need some edge control or some gorilla snap and the ony thing I like is her eye color .
YourFavv_ YourFavv_ Apr 07, 2016
One eye brow bushy then the other one and she need to get her teeth fixed
madpetty madpetty Jul 31, 2016
"I Don't Want No Thot A Thot Is A Bïtch That Can't Get No Love From MEEE"
Ilikewaffles926 Ilikewaffles926 Aug 09, 2015
so... Milyn and Tyler don't mind him spending the night over his girl house... must be nice