DISCONTINUED  ~ A Detective's devoted heart~ Sequel to ACDIL

DISCONTINUED ~ A Detective's devoted heart~ Sequel to ACDIL

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Sophlette By AgentLlamaSocks341 Updated Jul 01, 2016

~Sequel to 'A Consulting Detective in Love'~
It's been only a year since the events of what happened in America, it's been a slippery slope since but Sherlock has tried to soothe the pain of the nightmares that still haunt you. You and Sherlock have been called the 'Lovebirds of Scotland Yard' and the two of you are closer than ever. Moriarty is safely behind bars but... Everyone finally realizes that when an old enemy disappears... A new one emerges. And is it possible that this new enemy is more powerful than the last? Will Love conquer all or will the crumbling of everything around you tear you and Sherlock apart? Its time to find out...

ImJustLaurie ImJustLaurie Dec 29, 2016
Not that I have, but have you ever kissed someone? And if u have was it more then a peck? And if u haven't, HOW THE HELL U WRITE THIS STUFF ITS SO CONVINCING
potatoontheweb potatoontheweb Mar 08, 2016
I know the feeling. My brother died and it's been 3 years so on the anniversary of when he got shot. I didn't eat much that day. But I lived
DisneyKingdom DisneyKingdom May 05, 2016
White roses symbolize love, innocence, purity, and spiritual healing
meaghantm meaghantm Jan 22, 2016
Am I seriously the only one seeing Clara Oswald while reading this?
Edhelin Edhelin Jan 10, 2016
is it sad that when it talked about your favorite tea I couldn't come up with one cause I LOVE ALMOST ALL TEA SO DANG MUCH
lindar332r lindar332r Sep 24, 2015
And then you actually  picked up so organs so you ate organ jam