Saving the Beta's Daughter (Completed)

Saving the Beta's Daughter (Completed)

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A.J. By Mys_AJ Completed

Piper was the Beta's daughter. She was gracious and well-behaved. Her pack loved her, until it started. In her pre-teen years, she was forced to endure torture that people wouldn't wish on their worst enemy. Her pack looked the other way and never dared to help her. She raised her brother all on her own; and when she leaves, Piper takes her brother with her. They become the youngest rogues alive as they run from their pack.

But you can only run for so long, until your past catches up to you.

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COVER BY: @FabulousFrenchfry

emontoya53 emontoya53 Oct 12
Good Luna, protecting a pack member and what a good sister to take care of her brother
Lano261 Lano261 Jul 24
Omg that was soooooooooooooooooooooo good. Idk what to say really
ohshisus ohshisus May 08
Still having clothes after shiftingbto a wolf doesnt make sense tho
My brother and I attack each other while standing in front of the elevator to find out which one gets to push the buttons
Ok im gonna be honest here... I think that is the best prologue i ever read like ever😍
Their clothes become a part of them, just imagine their clothes being the fur.