The Probability of Amity

The Probability of Amity

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Aly By junnipers Completed

Amity can only wonder how things could have been if only she turned pretty, Sebastian stayed by her side, and if both have kept their pledges they swore that year to become perfect, stronger, better. But with Seb gone, Amity has to continue the path that might just kill her, all to keep her promise. Towards obsession to become beautiful, Amity meets an intriguing boy. A boy who will teach her how to love and be loved, and defines how perfection can be deceiving among happiness, the one thing Amity has began to learn from him.
Knowing that falling in love with someone who could potentially destroy you, is far more dangerous than being saved from your own thoughts. Now it's up to Amity to decide on whether she wants to continue the deadly path or simply take the hand of the boy she has learned to love.

But the only question left answered:
Can the boy still save the girl who needs to be saved?

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Start Date: 6/10/15

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- - Oct 30, 2015
I really like this. It's a bit cliche, but a bit cliche never hurt anyone
alittlebitbonkers alittlebitbonkers Jul 14, 2015
I always enjoy reading books with flawed and screwed up main characters.  Amity seems like her thought process is the opposite of friendly and peaceful.  I look forward to seeing her develop, stumble, and grow throughout this book!
xxJulietxx xxJulietxx Jul 05, 2015
from promises to heartbreak. i hope apollo will make her happy and won't make her cry like Sebastian did.
xxJulietxx xxJulietxx Jul 05, 2015
this is my favorite sentence in this chapter because i fell in love with the words you used