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Garima By Shipwreck_12 Updated Jul 19, 2015

Althea is a rogue who undertakes ventures assigned to her by small villages, unable to accomplish the risky jobs by themselves, as she leads her life purposeless. Fate guides her to a flourishing kingdom, Azyre, where she meets her soul mate. But she isn't the one to believe in destiny. 

Reluctant to accept what has befallen on her, she tries to fight her fate... Only to fall deeper. Secrets about her existence she never knew or could have imagined of, begin to surface, and Althea finds herself stuck. Little does she know there's more to come.

Copyright © Shipwreck_12® 2015. 

Cover by BeyondBliss_

  • action
  • adventure
  • althea
  • brave
  • drama
  • fantasy
  • fate
  • femaleprotagonist
  • fight
  • kingdom
  • rogues
  • vampire
  • warrior
  • werewolf
SweetAngelx SweetAngelx Dec 10, 2015
Pretty informative details about the legend. Now I'm aware of what to look forward to.
_LoveConquersAll_ _LoveConquersAll_ Nov 11, 2015
It's such a great way to start things off. I'm so intrigued and can't to continue to find out what is the next step. Great writing!!
thistoxic_love thistoxic_love Oct 16, 2015
Such a captivating start. Great way to hook the reader and get them at the end of the pages already wanting to turn. Amazing vocabulary, I personally loved it xx
Dream_catcher0401 Dream_catcher0401 Oct 09, 2015
Good start, I didn't see any grammar errors. The only thing I would clarify if whose life can neither be created or destroyed? The werewolves? gods? all life on earth? That was the only thing that I was a little confused by, but other than that great beginning!
pepsi_panda pepsi_panda Aug 16, 2015
I like this little tale you came up with! It really adds to the mood of the story. (And it's really creative, might I add.)  the Greek mythology bits were great. I always love it when a writer takes time to make little bits like this.
                              ❤❤❤❤❤ 5/5 Hearts
shrubtastic shrubtastic Aug 06, 2015
I like it so far! Nice descriptions, as well as no grammer errors. It's intriguing the way you combined Greek mythology and vampires/werewolves as well.