My boss is ☀HOT☀ but he's ♠RUDE♠! ☛COMPLETE☚

My boss is ☀HOT☀ but he's ♠RUDE♠! ☛COMPLETE☚

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Ayaka By vXvAnimeLovervXv Updated Sep 15, 2011

Ming Ling is a secretary to Mr Anderson but since Mr Anderson wants his son, Tyler who is the hottest guy she have ever seen to take over his work she had to face the meanest person she had ever seen. Being troubled with the problems in her head she still manage to control her anger towards him. From a boss and secretary to a cat and dog and then to engagement. It does not only end with fights but jealousy and heart break as well. What both of them don't know is that they have a secret of their own. Will she able to manage the problem with Tyler when she's facing hers with her shattered heart or will both of them get along as their feelings start to confuse them when there's someone who is trying to own her all to himself and kill her with his bare hands...

Read up for more exciting love between them.

"There's only a person that I wanted to be with and I can't bring myself to love you. He's someone I gave in my heart and someone I've gave my first love to."

"Why have I been such an idiot? Why would I do that? What's wrong with me? Never did I ever thought about it. Why did I feel angry? Why is my heart beating fast whenever she gets closer to me?"