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Tammy Silverman By TammySilverman Updated Jun 09, 2015


Now that the impossible is real,
Now that the unthinkable has occurred,
My mind cannot interpret what I feel,
Nor I distinguish normal from absurd -

The continents are shifting on my world.

My vision of my life’s completely blurred,
And this question poses louder in my head:
“Oh, by the way, please tell me, have you heard?
You see, it seems to be, my mother’s dead.”

Everything and nothing happens now,
For what is unexpected anymore?
What point is there in asking why or how,
Since Providence will simply not allow,
You or I to see behind that door?

The only thing that’s left that’s guaranteed,
Is that the door was never really locked.
I just assumed I didn’t have the key,
For ‘til today I never thought to knock.

Now the pressure of my hand upon the wood,
Has freed the bolt and loosened up the hinge.
I think I can, I think I might, I could –
Dare I pass or dare I not get singed?

Is not my life now living on the fringe?
Just to brush against you makes me cringe.

So here I stand upon the precipice,
Agonizing agony or bliss,
A position much too much precarious,

For in this moment must I live or die,
My existence but the blinking of an eye
Unconditional love has said goodbye.

Yet even in my grief, I crave your kiss.

I pray that possibility is true
And it’s possible that I may walk on through
There’s really nothing left for me to do.

I know that if I don’t I’ll just stay blind,
Yet if I go what might I leave behind?
I beg of g-d to please give me a sign.

I raise my eyes to heaven for a clue,
And in my mind’s eye all I see is you.

				- tls, 2003

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