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Living with the Dead [H2oVanoss] [Book 1]

Living with the Dead [H2oVanoss] [Book 1]

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Renai By ToxicRenai Completed

Vanoss and his friends are in Los Angeles for E3 but are now fighting to stay alive in the infected world. They heard there might be a safe area in Washington DC, but having to cross the country will be difficult. As they travel threw the unknown land there is a lone wolf that only cares for himself, a mysterious man who knows how to survive and he might be their only chance. Will he help them? Or will they help him?


So I thought this would be a cool idea for a story. Vanoss and the guys aren't youtubers, just 20-25 year olds that like games and they don't know who Delirious is.
Possibility of major character deaths.
Hope you enjoy it!
I am writing this on mobile so it might affect the away it looks on the computer, if it does then sorry ;-;

This sentence saddens me so much, I'm rereading it and I'm just sad
Nogla: *stops car*
                              Evan: why did you stop the ca-
                              Nogla: get out.
                              Nogla: I said get out. 
                              Evan: why?
                              Nogla: because your a fokin idiot! Now get the fok out!
                              Evan: *gets out at and Nogla drives away and leaves Vanoss in the dust crying*
Well, obviously there would be places where the infection hasn't started and they could sell it for money, and with that money buy more supplies
I'm rereading the story to see the dumb comments I left here last time😂😂 good luck me
ScrubChan ScrubChan Mar 27
                              I don't know why but now I'm wondering how Septiplier is doing ;v;..
A man said once "What are you gonna do with that knife, stab me?". And then he died at the hospital because he was stabbed.