Living with the Dead [H2oVanoss] [Book 1]

Living with the Dead [H2oVanoss] [Book 1]

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Vanoss and his friends are in Los Angeles for E3 but are now fighting to stay alive in the infected world. They heard there might be a safe area in Washington DC, but having to cross the country will be difficult. As they travel threw the unknown land there is a lone wolf that only cares for himself, a mysterious man who knows how to survive and he might be their only chance. Will he help them? Or will they help him?


So I thought this would be a cool idea for a story. Vanoss and the guys aren't youtubers, just 20-25 year olds that like games and they don't know who Delirious is.
Possibility of major character deaths.
Hope you enjoy it!
I am writing this on mobile so it might affect the away it looks on the computer, if it does then sorry ;-;

Yo! But people dream about things they've already seen. Consciously or unconsciously. If it is del he is looking for and I bet my pizza on it then that means they've already crossed paths before with or without knowing it😍
MedTech_ MedTech_ Aug 19
im done reading your "The Work of The Angels" Book,, time to read this one
Muddy1626 Muddy1626 Aug 18
I've been mentally preparing myself for this. This is why i haven't read it sooner
This is great
                              I'm waiting for my impending doom and midnight silent sobbing
I was kinda expecting her to be like a witch from Left 4 Dead.
Boi evan u just have to flexs those arms and chest and the zombies will fall