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"Your crazy...Mad...You live in a world full of games" I screamed as loud as I could to his perfect face that looked so...tempting.

Hatter got closer to be then pushing me against the wall. I winced a little cause he didn't do it gently. Oh he was barely gentle with me... Then he strangled my arms above my head and started kissing me roughly on my neck, he then groaned and went to kissing my shoulders. It felt so exciting, I wanted more but he would always just tease me, like Hatter was a puzzle that had so many pieces lost....where did they all go?

It was always like he knew when to stop to make me die for more. He's lips came up to my earlobe, biting it lightly and whispering "I may be crazy, insane, and even mad but you won't let go of me, Emily."

Oh he barely said my name....Ever.

Emily Grey was a completely ordinary girl. She had just graduated college earning a degree in art and painting smooth contra's. She had a best friend for life, a loving mom, and a big beautiful house what  could any girl want. But one night changed all of her reality and led her to another world.

She entered a insane, cold but handsome Seth Lockwood's world. Seth's is insane in all means. He's emotions switched quickly and can I say he is a player. He has plenty of friends who he doesn't deserve and a man who owes him he's freedom from the madness. Though the man promised a girl which had the last name of Grey. 

And when he finds her, he's more than happy, he's totally crazy for her.

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