Broken Heartbeat

Broken Heartbeat

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MidnightDiamond By MidnightDiamond2013 Updated Nov 13

Sequel to My Brother's Best Friend.

Jasmine and Greg have been dating for four years. When they started dating, Jasmine was convinced that Greg was the sweetest and most loving guy out there, but she soon learned the truth. The young man that once blew her away with his kind and caring nature has disappeared, leaving a monster in his wake.

Jasmine lives in fear everyday of the man who has destroyed the confident woman she once was. Realizing that she needs to escape, it takes everything in her, and more, to make a run for it when he leaves for an overnight business trip. However, things don't go to plan when she runs into the one person she doesn't want Greg to meet, her best friend's older brother; Matt.

What will happen when Matt, the man that secretly loved Jasmine for years, runs into the broken, beautiful woman? Will he finally confess his feelings for her? Will he finally put his fears aside and help Jasmine overcome her demons?

What about Greg? Will he let his beloved girlfriend leave him for another man? Or will he do everything in his power to keep her by his side, forever?
Please note, this story will contain some contain some sensitive material such as domestic violence, r@pe, self harm, suicide and alcohol abuse.

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Mylab14 Mylab14 Nov 19, 2015
I'm already in love with this book after the first chapter. Can't wait to read the next chapter, then the chapter after that, and all the other cheaper that follow.
BrittanyWiskus6 BrittanyWiskus6 Oct 20, 2015
i expected the book to be done :( how do i get my Jasmine  Matt love now? Please update soon
JadeMarieSnell JadeMarieSnell Aug 17, 2015
Urge oh no I hate Greg 
                              Jas and matt forever!! 
                              When's your next update?
larrystylinson229 larrystylinson229 Jun 16, 2015
This seems really cool. Is the whole book her time in between the four years or just the prologue? I read My Brother's Best Friend in one day. I loved it that much! I'm really excited for this one!
fandomgirl40 fandomgirl40 Jun 09, 2015
It sounds pretty cool so far! I look forward to what you have in store for this story, because I loved My Brother's Best Friend, so I am excited for this!!!