Nightmares and Dreams

Nightmares and Dreams

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*~Kyrie~* By JessicaJohnson949 Updated Jan 26, 2016

When someone has been broken so bad, is it really possible for them to stitch the pieces of themselves back together? Or will they walk around being forever broken?

Kyrie Johnson had started her life like any normal girl would. She wasn't your typical goody two shoes, but she didn't go looking for trouble either. She had her gang of friends but wasn't really popular. If she felt you were in the wrong she would put you in your place and then make sure you stayed there. But when a horrible week turns her life upside down and she's forever broken, can moving across country get rid of the haunting nightmares and repair her or will she lose herself in the darkness?

Jase Black was considered the school's bad boy and king. He was far from being good and with the looks he was blessed with, happened to be the most popular guy in school. Saying the wrong thing to him would most definately end you up in the hospital. When he bumps into Kyrie on her first day of school and claims her to be his new toy, will he be able to stitch her back up or will he shatter her and bring her closer to the edge?

~Sorry I suck at explaining stories. I normally write to knock off some stress but I figured I would try putting these up here and see what people thought. I don't mind criticism but I ask not to be too mean. If I mess something up, let me know so I can change it, otherwise I hope you at least enjoy this story a little bit.~

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