The Broken Mate

The Broken Mate

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Raven M. S-W. By jaceslade Updated Nov 23, 2016

There are so many things that can ruin a relationship, but can being broken be one of those things?

When Alpha Zane goes to a meeting with another Alpha, he has finally found his mate after almost four years of seriously looking for her. But the thing is she is a servant of that Alpha and he won't let her go just because of a mate. Alpha Zane must pay. 
But are either one of them expecting what they find? Alpha Zane grew up with hearing the stories of what it's like to find a mate from his mother saying it's amazing and the most important bond to a wolf, and from his father that having a mate is only a weakness. Katy on the other hand grew up being abused both mentally and physically by none other than her father who blames her for her mothers death.  She was also bullied since she was little by both humans and wolfs alike. 

When she is nearly raped and beaten to death for refusing her packs soon to be Alpha, her father decides that she has disgraced the family name one to many times and he sells her to another pack leader as many different things including maid, punching bag, and sex toy. 
When Zane finds her there's barely anything left to find, just a broken girl with a broken spirit, and dark mind and soul, covered in scars and bruises.

Will he be able to hold his wolf and Alpha side back while trying to heal his mate? Will he even be able to reach her heart through a mind and soul that just want to die?

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