Because of You

Because of You

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Anabel By anabelsoup Updated Feb 05

"Just because you think you rule the town doesn't mean I have to listen to everything you say!" I shout at him.

Ashley Evans isn't your average girl. Most of these kind of stories the girl is the damsel in distress. But she would more likely start stuff. She picks most her fights. Ashley has gotten in more fist fights with guys then anyone. No knows why she gets angry so fast. But her twin brother Andrew tries to calm her down before she gets angry.

Chris Rogers is your typical bad boy. He has some strong feelings for Ashley. The moment he saw her punch a jock he has liked her. But does she feel the same way?

Ace Rodriguez  is the worst bad boy ever. He knows he scares people but he is to cocky. When he gets in a fight he always wins. No one has ever challenged him before except for Ashley. He hates how she doesn't fear him at all. What's so special about her?

Will Ashley and Ace get together? Will Chris and Ashley get together. Is Chris just someone in her way? Read to find out more!

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