The Truce

The Truce

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MsDreamerGirl84 By MsDreamerGirl84 Updated Sep 17, 2017

My First Attempt in Writing Werewolf Genre, Give it a Chance ...

"She can look at me, and from now on, she's your QUEEN!" He growled to the man in my right and the two suddenly releases my arms and they steps back in fear.

"Yes, your highness." They all chorused in all the same deep voices.

"NOW, LEAVE US ALONE!" He barked gruffly and I flinched looking at the men scrambling on their feet to the high and big double door and out of our sight in a mere seconds.

"Huh?" I felt rooted on the ground. "Me? Queen?" I blabbered like a stupid fool, shocked.

Selina was always curious what lies beneath the wood. The overlooking forest that seems to no end, where she can only get a view from their 3 story house she lived in her whole life. 

Her grandma always says, stay away from the wood. A warning that has a lot of meaning.. 

A TRUCE, but she never specify what or why? Which only made her curiosity heightened to no end..

Sometimes, she just laughed, she thought it was just another scary story to scare the kids to bed. 

Until one day, she wasn't prepared for the consequences of breaking THE TRUCE!! 
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I would very much like to see where you fantasies take you in this story