Chase Across the World [Hunter x Hunter Fan fiction] {Slow Updates}

Chase Across the World [Hunter x Hunter Fan fiction] {Slow Updates}

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Sedona Griffith By SkylerEthens Updated Feb 26, 2017

Kana was only two when she was abandoned by her parents. Ging Freecss was traveling when he found her. He saw potential in her, because every time he would try to go off to another country Kana would be right behind him. She began to chase Ging across the world, until she was seven when Ging said that she passed his training. Before he left Kana to survive on her own, Ging brought Kana to the Hunter's Association where she met, Netero, the chairman of the association. She stayed with him for a year before going off on her own. Since then Kana went off training on her own perfecting her nen and meeting new people. Kana is now twelve and decides to partake in the Hunter Exam.

-Started Writing June 10th 2015-

This is an action/romance story so I hope you enjoy. I am still deciding who she will end up with, so if you have suggestions comment.

This story is based off the 2011 version of HXH.
[I do not own Hunter X Hunter]

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