The Hybrid

The Hybrid

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Anonymous Writer By lovelytale Updated Jan 09, 2017

Known as a vigilante in the human world, and a tempered hybrid in the undiscovered secrets of the world.

This hybrid is something highly beyond any creature to exist. It contains the power of a blood-thirsty vampire, and a shapeshifting werewolf. The power that the two creatures are let alone are something to be feared of.

The most frightful thing is that no one knows what exactly he is capable of, what potential he has buried deep inside of him for he is the only hybrid alive and the first at that. No parents, no family, just him. He raised himself and has been through hell and back being the creature he is.

Now lets add one more factor to the equation: this man has a beloved mate, a perfect match just for him, waiting to be found in this large world. 

What will he do with this fragile human? Better said: what will this fragile human do to him?

Adelaine Kingston has no idea what she's in for.


"I can't- I can't control it. It takes over me and I can't stop it." He cried, a tear slid down his cheek.

"Fight it, fight for me." Adelaine said with hope sparkling in her eyes.

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BR0K3N_ENGL1SH BR0K3N_ENGL1SH Feb 29, 2016
You must be talented to make this so f***ing funny!😂😂😂👍