Akatsuki little dimension princess(Akatsuki x reader)

Akatsuki little dimension princess(Akatsuki x reader)

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Mia!!! By happy66907 Updated Feb 26, 2017

Is it possible to find a little baby in the garden? the answer is definitely yes

What if one of the akatsuki member found a little baby in a garden and took her in? 

Will they be a good family or will they have trouble being a family? And what secret do little [Name] have that make her different from everyone

It all depend on what the little dimension princess have to say:)

  • akatsuki
  • deidara
  • hidan
  • itachi
  • kakuzu
  • kisame
  • konan
  • madara
  • naruto
  • obito
  • pein
  • sasori
  • tobi
  • xreader
  • zetsu
It!? Sir I Am No It! I am a Train station thank you very Much! I'd like to be cALLed I-T Not It I-T!
                              (JK Jk! She will do fine tho... Also how are they going to find out our gender.. Ohh that'd be embarrassing!)
Otaku_love2004 Otaku_love2004 Jun 30, 2017
Yes, and you know, if it comes to it, you can always use the 'Throw it and run' tactic... Might make a good distraction...
                              Jk jk, please don't kill me 😂😂
FaiRune FaiRune Jul 18, 2017
When Deidei got the feeling coz he didnt had good family bond
KitsuneYumiko KitsuneYumiko Sep 10, 2017
What if Deidara was carrying his clay bombs or whatever it is and say "I want to call her Katsu un" and then the clay bombs just exploded 😂😂😂
Foxcraft23 Foxcraft23 Mar 11
So do I, but I'm reading this fanfic instead. Stop whining like a little bitch Hidan
like_dislike like_dislike May 25, 2017
So excited to read the rest of the story... but I still can't vote.... ugh