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Way Out Of My League

Way Out Of My League

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A girl has no name By FacadeAndMe Updated Feb 12

"Try me" she said.
And so I did.
Destroyed me,but I loved it.
When two strong souls with dominance fiercely running in their viens clash,who will back down?
Neither wants to.
Maybe they won't have to.
Position or power does'nt hold the capacity to end this dispute so in the end maybe something better will?

*Not your average studentxteacher story.Go away if you're used to clichés*

NishatAmber NishatAmber Jan 11, 2016
You writing style is very interesting which engages one's attention from the very beginning. I am already looking forward to reading the rest of the chapters:-)
FacadeAndMe FacadeAndMe Nov 13, 2015
Lol.And that's your reaction?You should be glad af.Its Allison McAtee for God's sake:p*_*
DamnShane DamnShane Nov 13, 2015
A teacher in our school looks exactly like the one on the cover. Fvck.
FacadeAndMe FacadeAndMe Nov 11, 2015
Haha,I actually wanted people to wonder that. I am glad to create the mystery. This is different than other teacherxstudent stories;)
                              Thanks for feedback,love!
- - Oct 31, 2015
So you created this account to hide that you are lesbian?
                              There is nothing bad about that, though. Without people like you earth would be overpopulated way sooner.
maddy77hux maddy77hux Aug 03, 2015
well i have one for birthday but my mom uses it. she said "yours smaller you can take mine" everytime, her car smells weird.