Sinclaire Academy: Half Bloods

Sinclaire Academy: Half Bloods

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Nique By YouNique09 Updated Feb 10

"The Pyramid is ranked by Blood, Power, and Influence. The thicker your blood, the purer you are. Being a high ranked creature has its perks, but it has its downside too."

Creating Half Bloods, new born creatures with mixed blood, were strictly against the Pyramid and the Council's rule because their kind doesn't have a place in the Pyramid. They do not fall in any rank. But years ago, two members of the Fearsome Four, A witch and a Warlock, broke that certain rule.

Now, The Heath Twins, Half Elite/Protector; Cassandra Flame Raveclaw, Half Witch/Warlock; Gianna Sinclaire, Half Elite/Pureblood; and of course Athena and Zeus Sinclaire, the offspring of the powerful tandem, An Amity and a Stardust, are the first of their kind to grace the earth. The first Half Bloods. And by the looks of it, two Half Bloods are going to break the rule again and the Council won't be as forgiving the fourth time around.

"Another school year starts at Sinclaire Academy, do you dare to enter again?"

flairybubbles flairybubbles Sep 09, 2016
Udkfkdkakfdkdkkxkk rjfjdjsk djfjwkdkfnnndjdmfjfmrkme👠👡👢👚👜💼🎒👝
Kiraxxs Kiraxxs Sep 04, 2016
Sino po??..wla po akng idea na may Witch at Warlock po sa Fearsome Four?
Gaorgette07 Gaorgette07 Feb 08
WHaaaaaahhh.. i really miss sinclaire academy. Huhuhu i read it 10× na. Thanks for the new story lovely author :*
ttungheihei_denise ttungheihei_denise Oct 23, 2016
                              Krystal Jung (Athena Sinclaire.) Anak ni Jessica Jung (Adri Walter-Sinclaire) 
                              Makapatid Mag Ina.
                              Grabe tatay nya Si Myunsoo (Senri) eh love team nya yun sa 'My lovely girl' (k drama).
still waiting for the new updates and the epilogue  ms a.
                              i've got addicted to your sinclaire's stories even most of the time im using translator nyeheheh.. still great works ms a.!!
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