Daughter of the Zoldycks [Hisoka x OC]

Daughter of the Zoldycks [Hisoka x OC]

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*SCREECHES* By Zoldyckisthename Updated May 19, 2016

{Cover by @TheInfinityOfMaybe!}

"Aye, yo! Illuminati!" a voice shouted from their perch on a door frame. 

'Illuminati' sighed in annoyance, his ever expressionless face slightly cracking as he allowed a small frown to break through and turned to the figure in his doorway. "How many times have I asked you not to call me that?" He questioned, head tilting to the right as he stood up from his desk. 

They simply tut  and waved a blasé hand at him. "Stop being such a shady shit and maybe I'll take your request into consideration."

Meet Killuko Zoldyck; the oldest sibling and only daughter of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck.

The 27-year old woman honestly didn't care about what her family was doing- well, apart from Killua; but who could blame her? He was named after her, whether it be because of their shared appearances or stifling potential at such young ages, facts were facts. And the fact was, she would do anything to keep him away from home..... Even if that meant tagging along on his chibi adventures.

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Ya know this OC could be practically a sister of Hidan from Naruto
Lol-im-so-random Lol-im-so-random Nov 03, 2017
The funny thing is that would be exactly what I would do (≧∇≦)/
tallMidged69 tallMidged69 Jun 27, 2017
If your OC would be real, I would be gay by now, I love her!
LonelyMizuki LonelyMizuki Jun 11, 2016
do they (the gang) know that she's a girl or they thought she's a boy?
lovelotusflowerbomb lovelotusflowerbomb Oct 22, 2016
O my god what the hell her use of curses and her favorite word must be the fword cause she uses if alot dosent she
Fuckmesenpai Fuckmesenpai Jan 13, 2017
Reminds me of the anime high school of the dead. THEM MATRIX BOOBS THOUGH 😂