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Lets Play (boyxboyxboy)

Lets Play (boyxboyxboy)

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Emo Friend By lceRose Updated Apr 01, 2016

Jamie was an orphan. He had No Friends, No Family.
When he turned 16 he was kicked out onto the street where a young boy named Tommy finds him.
Begging for his parents to take Jamie in as Tommy's butler.

But instead the Beverly family take Jamie as their knew son. But Jamie play as Tommy's butler simply as thanks.

But what happens when Asher, Nathan and Jacob, the three oldest brothers come back from over seas?

 Find Out

Pfft they better or I'll hate anyone with the last name Walker😤😒
Ugh that bitch! And to think that there are some people like that😡 mad af and triggered
NOBODYhello NOBODYhello Jul 26, 2016
Yes I'm a cat!!! I own you bitches!!!
                              (Sorry I was thinking of a previous conversation where cats act like they own the place they live at and how adorably evil they are.~☆) *no offense to all other nekos out there*~☆
SchoolBathroom SchoolBathroom Jul 03, 2016
This always makes me so sad to see things like this, because it does happen. This just makes me sick. My mother was a foster mother and she loved the kids. I think if you don't like kids, don't do it, but people do it for the money they get from the government. :(
6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 Oct 01, 2016
Shut the fück up you bïtch. He's beautiful and you're an ugly abusive c u next Tuesday. Dammit I hate people like this
rosehunter1 rosehunter1 Oct 14, 2016
Already starting great........
                              Great graphs 
                              This bithch needs to die.I MEAN.... No thets what i mean