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Her Death Guardian

Her Death Guardian

45.5K Reads 2.2K Votes 12 Part Story
Frayalin By DysfunctionsDystoria Updated Jan 29

"Wake up and smell the roses," She told herself one morning. As if nothing would ever go wrong. Padding barefoot down the stairs and slowly outside, did she ever realize how wrong she was to do this... especially when what lay by the roses.. a black feather, and a note not far from it.
  "Remember, he's always behind you." -D
  She felt the breath freeze in her throat. She knew who's writing it was... and he wasn't some fairy tale character.
  Life could've been simple for Kori. But everything was far from simple. Learning you've met the infamous Death atleast once from an NDE when you were twelve, and to think you'd left Death behind.
  Or so she thought.
  When Kori discovers something else, someone else, who may be far more sinister than the Soul Reaper himself she decides how she must live.
  Because whatever follows her, wants her and her alone.
  **Cover By @TheUnbrxken**
  **COPYRIGHT 2015©**

JaneeCrow JaneeCrow Sep 01, 2016
Daemn dude! Shoulda addressed him by 'Death'. If you had done so, you MIGHT still be standing right about now.
GUMBALL001 GUMBALL001 Mar 11, 2016
From your cover to your story plot this is a knock off of @katrocks247 Death is my BFF and im going to report you!
JaneeCrow JaneeCrow Sep 01, 2016
"Awful words"?
                              But, Death is one of many Angels, that work for and with, God. Why would those words be "awful", unless he is actually, Lucifer?
Yusuli101 Yusuli101 Jan 01, 2016
I honestly prefer being referred to as...Savage *grows dark angel wings and flies away*
DysfunctionsDystoria DysfunctionsDystoria Jun 12, 2015
                              yea I know cx hah, but questions given to me that need to be answered are always helpful
- - Jun 12, 2015
@LoveStruckPsychoPath I'm distracted lol, I'll go back through later and figure out, my analysis skills are seriously wicked. lol keep doing you, you don't have to change it just because I don't see it the first time