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baby snake By monlecon Completed

I'll be chasing the boys off and she will always be there when I wake up in the morning to light my cigarettes.


©monlecon, 2015
(Russian translation available)

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YeaIJustSaidThat2 YeaIJustSaidThat2 Aug 29, 2017
Everybody here be like " her name is prison blah blah blah"
                              And I'm just here like, Dude, it's DDLG/Age gap, why are y'all being annoying? Lmfaoooo
styles___girl styles___girl May 20, 2017
I thought it said police ... I was about to be like damn they already on to him
i_am_fabulus_ i_am_fabulus_ Aug 18, 2017
Why is everyone getting so defensive, this book is obviously age gap so what's the problem
Okay first of all this book is age gap, second of all that’s all it is a book
hopem99 hopem99 Sep 12, 2017
I was hoping that he'd be like in his early 20's and she'd be like 17 or 18... now I feel all weird reading a story about kids
LindseyGlisson LindseyGlisson Sep 16, 2016
maybe if she was one year older he wouldnt be a cradle robber... just sayin