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lovedaddy By monlecon Completed

I'll be chasing the boys off and she will always be there when I wake up in the morning to light my cigarettes.


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darledesma darledesma Jun 09, 2016
Literally me everyday. I work at a donut shop/bakery and I box donuts for hot people for a living lol
50ShadesofMalums 50ShadesofMalums Mar 28, 2016
Her name is JAIL.
                              the same place you're going if you don't stop
LindseyGlisson LindseyGlisson Sep 16, 2016
maybe if she was one year older he wouldnt be a cradle robber... just sayin
SabaShams SabaShams Mar 18, 2016
I saw a hot stranger in mall it's so sad to know I'll never see him again
youstolemahmattress youstolemahmattress Aug 31, 2016
It's only 4 years maybe if it was 16 and 20 it'd have had a different reaction