Ninjago Lemons

Ninjago Lemons

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Victoria Amethyst West and Corsette Rose Allen By Dark-Empires Updated Aug 08, 2015

Sorry first ever time doing this. Here you go

You and Cole both know you like each other, you always tease each others as well as making sexual bets but never get that far. This time you were wearing a lingering, see through dressing gown that reaches your thighs with lacey black undergarments. You had lost a fight against him so this was your punishment dancing to 'S&M' Rihanna, quickly adding the final touches to yourself like ruffling up your hair well painting your lips black. Cole always loves it with your lips black.

"(Y/N)?" Coles voice emerged from your room, sending yourself a quick wink. "Coming." You called back opening the bathroom door, his jaw hit the ground with his eyes wide. Inwardling smirking you walk over pushing him on the chair, your body pushing against his. "Sit back and enjoy the show." You purr in his ear nibbling on his lobe, he nodded almost intently. Walking over you locked the door, you heard a gulp behind you making a smirk inch across your face. "W-why...

BTSNinja15 BTSNinja15 Apr 10, 2016
At least I have black hair, so it'll look somewhat similar to Rihanna.
ColaZoe ColaZoe Nov 24, 2016
Yus do more like the green ninja (sorry don't know how to say is name ) x reader plzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!😏
homemadedynamite homemadedynamite Mar 13, 2016
PawsomeGirl12 PawsomeGirl12 Jan 07, 2017
*looks at song* ......ok I have that.....*pauses that's what makes you beautiful by One Direction and played S&M by  Rihanna* 😁
Coleandcake Coleandcake Dec 10, 2015
Ewwww but I only read this cuz I though it was a cole x reader
TechLoverOfCrayzStuf TechLoverOfCrayzStuf Aug 05, 2015
Lloyd x Reader hard core smut or Human General Cryptor X Reader smut lemon