My Little Brother Harry

My Little Brother Harry

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Hi! By babyharoldd Updated Nov 27, 2016

I know I delete my stories all the time 😓 but I promise this one will stop up even if I don't update it much.

This story is inspired by on another story I read on Wattpad called My Brother's Keeper which is one of my favourite books ☺️

It won't be exactly the same as that would be copying but Harry has a similar condition to Liam. 

In this story it is kind of a zianourry but without the Zayn because I thought I would do something different 😐

Harry has a sydrome which makes Harry believe that he is only 2 years old and he is unable to grow up mentally but physically he can. Harry is 16 in this story where as his brother Louis is 20. 

Louis and Harry's mum died suddenly of heart problems when the boys were only young. (Harry 3 & Louis 7). They went to live with there grandma but due to her passing away from her old age just recently Louis and Harry find a new house where the two of them can live. Louis is Harry's carer and Harry looks up to Louis immensely. Harry...

EmilyHasRoses EmilyHasRoses Aug 01, 2016
I loved that book, but I think it got deleted, or the author deleted their account. It was such a great book.
ninjabuddy13 ninjabuddy13 Jul 14, 2016
Is that the word for ads wow I'm shocked it actually has a real word
HoransWhore1993 HoransWhore1993 May 29, 2016
There's an error in this. It should be teaching not learning.
dazzedd dazzedd Jul 04, 2015
hi, I'm peppa pig 
                              this is my little brother George *oink oink*
                              this is mommy pig *OiNk*
                              and this is daddy pig *OINKKKK*
                              *all fall to the ground laughing*
dazzedd dazzedd Jul 04, 2015
the picture of harry up there makes me smile so big! I hope that's how he'll look in the story
CharlieCorn96 CharlieCorn96 Jun 09, 2015
Omg i totally can't for the first chapter im aready in love with this book so far!!! :D