So Cold | A Kakashi X Naruto Fanfic

So Cold | A Kakashi X Naruto Fanfic

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They are back and better than ever. As Naruto struggles with every day life being treated like dirt and feels as though life would be better without him. He makes a decision and only one person will stick up for him.

I Do not own Naruto. The only thing I own is the storyline to this specific fan fic. Credit for the creation of Naruto goes to Masashi Kishimoto. 

So Cold is in sections (They are in order. If you pick and choose what section to read you will not understand it at all) 

Part 1: Naruto's Memories
Part 2: Meeting Mitsuo
Part 3: The Lies You Tell
Part 4: Squad 7: The Perfect Team
Part 5: Love & War

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NWO_FullMetal NWO_FullMetal May 07, 2017
Because the  chapters is in sections.. Lol
                              Part 1Naruto's Memories-  chapters 1-9
                              Part 2: Meeting Mitsuo - chapters 10, 11, 12
                              Part 3 Lies You Tell - Chapters 13-21
                              Part 4-   Squad 7. 22-33
                              Part 5 Love & War - 34-39
Bubbly_Kookie Bubbly_Kookie Dec 14, 2016
Wait are we (the readers) Naruto, but not regular but some kind of emo don't give a f*ck naruto?