Fated (Akakuro)

Fated (Akakuro)

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Kuroko leads a normal life, working in a cafe. What happens when he meets the famous "red emperor", the boss of the biggest company in all of Japan? What happens when his past comes back to haunt him? 

Soulmate and Butler AU 

Mostly AkaKuro but may include some KuroAka 

I do not own KnB nor the cover image.

Cover credit: MelodieSnow

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I_Live_4_Books I_Live_4_Books Dec 27, 2016
It would be freakishly awkward if you could only see your mark by having sex..... like extremely awkward.... then there would be those people willing to do it with everyone they meet and then there's me, the unsocial potato who hates everyone including their soulmate
- - Jun 27, 2016
I spaced out and looked back to my screen and just see, "I can't come" and A. I screamed internally I almost died and B. I was freaking out cuz those were the words that started a doujin I read a while back... I need to stop spacing out cuz I just did it again
who-needs_sprinkles who-needs_sprinkles Jan 21, 2016
Thanx for the warning but I'm sure its going to be an awesome story