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billdip one shots :3

billdip one shots :3

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♡ かわいい ♡ By emo_angel02 Completed

Quick note:
Dipper is 17
Bill is unknown but looks 20 
Mabel has a different room because ya know, puberty reasons...
And random photo ._. 
Okay no read you little pervs xD

Dipper pov

"DipStick" bill said smirking. "Nah it you are the triforce, or my dorito" I said grinning. He shook his head and smirked with a huge blush. "Lets get illhumi-naughty" he said as he crawled over to me. I smirked. "Two can play at that game....let me dip my stick inside ya...nah that sounds stupid" I chuckled and sat in bills lap. He smiled and kissed my lips. I tangled my fingers through his yellow and jet-black hair. Things got even more heated as the minutes went by. Soon enough we were in our boxers and we gave eachother a bunch of hickeys. 

I started playing with his nipples (xD) as I heard beautiful sounds come from his mouth. (Ahhhhhhhhhhhh is all your hearing dipper xD). He did the same to me. I felt my boxers tighten. I let my hands go lower. I started rubbing both our boxers. Making us both gr...

Ha puns XD guess what my friends are going to be hear ing all day lol
hamilsand hamilsand Nov 06, 2016
Thing is
                              I'm 10 😏
GenderlessBATIM GenderlessBATIM Nov 19, 2016
Well Back to da legend of Zelda!
                              *Grabs A triforce or a Dorito*
JordenMiddleton JordenMiddleton May 29, 2016
you know what else that means?
                              DEZZ NUTS!!!!!!
                              GOT HEEEEE!!!!! XD
LucinaSirius LucinaSirius Dec 21, 2016
*takes off glasses* *cleans them* *pets them back on* Oh god
-DarkGhost- -DarkGhost- May 29, 2016
Woah dipper you grew some balls and made dominant over bill Bravo XD