billdip one shots :3

billdip one shots :3

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Quick note:
Dipper is 17
Bill is unknown but looks 20 
Mabel has a different room because ya know, puberty reasons...
And random photo ._. 
Okay no read you little pervs xD

Dipper pov

"DipStick" bill said smirking. "Nah it you are the triforce, or my dorito" I said grinning. He shook his head and smirked with a huge blush. "Lets get illhumi-naughty" he said as he crawled over to me. I smirked. "Two can play at that game....let me dip my stick inside ya...nah that sounds stupid" I chuckled and sat in bills lap. He smiled and kissed my lips. I tangled my fingers through his yellow and jet-black hair. Things got even more heated as the minutes went by. Soon enough we were in our boxers and we gave eachother a bunch of hickeys. 

I started playing with his nipples (xD) as I heard beautiful sounds come from his mouth. (Ahhhhhhhhhhhh is all your hearing dipper xD). He did the same to me. I felt my boxers tighten. I let my hands go lower. I started rubbing both our boxers. Making us both gr...

- - May 14, 2017
Ha puns XD guess what my friends are going to be hear ing all day lol
Space_Meme_ Space_Meme_ Nov 06, 2016
Thing is
                              I'm 10 😏
squishy--mochi squishy--mochi Nov 19, 2016
Well Back to da legend of Zelda!
                              *Grabs A triforce or a Dorito*
JordenMiddleton JordenMiddleton May 29, 2016
you know what else that means?
                              DEZZ NUTS!!!!!!
                              GOT HEEEEE!!!!! XD
LucinaSirius LucinaSirius Dec 21, 2016
*takes off glasses* *cleans them* *pets them back on* Oh god
-DarkGhost- -DarkGhost- May 29, 2016
Woah dipper you grew some balls and made dominant over bill Bravo XD