Bad Boy Styles » H.S

Bad Boy Styles » H.S

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Darkness fills the room Harry and I are in. My pupils dilate from the lack of light given and no one talks. You can just hear the breaths we are both giving off. So quiet you can hear your own thoughts without anyone interrupting your every thought. I adjust my uncomfortable position I was placed making the bed creek catching Harry's attention. 

I'm just thinking about how did we end up here? We were so good. Minus the countless arguments and fights about stupid stuff, the jealousy we both put each other through, and the endless things we went through. The secrets we kept...

I just hope this is one of them...



Sexual relations are in this book, read at own risk :)

SEQUEL OUT NOW!! Without You <<

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styles297 styles297 Nov 28
I like that she didnt fall in love with him at first sight like they do in every other story!
One day her eyes are going to fall out from rolling them so much tbh
HarrysPiece HarrysPiece Aug 16
everybody would get hit with a object . my mom would fight me like I was some random on the street who bumped her #growingupblack
Cant afford their house back then, but keeps buying houses with "big ass kitchens"
I could talk to my mom like that it but i would never walk out that house again  #growingupblack
lurkzarry lurkzarry Oct 09
I say this to my mom but I joke with her so she doesn't trip