Kiss Me Once, Shame on You      Kiss Me Twice, Shame on Me

Kiss Me Once, Shame on You Kiss Me Twice, Shame on Me

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Lindsay By BetweenTheLines Updated Apr 21, 2012

Alice Kingsly remembers the day that Beck Cooper kissed her on the lips at her sixth birthday party. She hates Beck with all her heart. He spends his days torturing her and figuring out how to destroy her mentally and physically. Until one day he is finally gone, moved thousands of miles away. Alice is finally at peace. Ten years later he is moving back. Alice just about dies. The only problem is they are now sixteen and his charisma and charm is getting in the way of her hatred for him. He Kissed Her Once, Shame on Him, if he Kisses Her Twice, Shame on Her for letting it happen.

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Na_Oh_Me4 Na_Oh_Me4 May 15, 2016
He only hit her cuz he didnt know what to do to get her attention
whoismyaa whoismyaa Aug 12, 2016
I'm sorry but what?  
                              "You must've tripped" 
                              OMG kill me this is ugh
ThatDuckingDuck ThatDuckingDuck Dec 09, 2016
My chin literally dropped so low it went through earth and now it's just hanging out somewhere in space.
alexandramtucker alexandramtucker Nov 21, 2012
I'd be scared of Beck too... Mouthing creepy things to a girl you bully is not exactly accepted morally in the world!
                              It's obvious he liked her though :)
catalina23 catalina23 Aug 23, 2012
so adorable,i like the i'll steel you away it has two meanings.
jumbles12 jumbles12 Feb 07, 2012
omg that is soooo cutee except for the whole cake in the face bit lmaoo .. bt love the story  so farr :))